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Developing Your UDI Strategy Webinar: Insights for Suppliers

November 5, 2015 - 2:00pm

When developing a UDI strategy, it's important to ensure that your UDI attribute management process is both sustainable and compliant. Join this webinar to hear industry experts at GHX discuss key UDI learnings, spanning from data preparedness and labeling to managing submissions and acknowledgements. You'll learn how to develop a sustainable UDI strategy, what providers are saying, and what you might be leaving on the table.
Topics to be discussed include:
·         Where UDI is at today
·         Developing a sustainable UDI strategy
·         What providers are saying/thinking
·         Leaders versus laggards – why it’s better to be a leaders
You'll benefit from attending this webinar if you are a supplier looking to understand the importance of UDI adoption, how to serve as a leader and drive best-in-class practices.
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