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Startup Finance and Accounting: PROPEL / EWC / ANL Summer Startup Series

July 27, 2015 - 4:00pm
2242 W Harrison St
2nd floor

PROPEL / EnterpriseWorks Chicago / Argonne National Laboratory Summer Startup Series To help innovators get an overview of the path to launching a technology venture/startup, EnterpriseWorks Chicago and PROPEL have designed a series of seminars as an introduction to legal, financial and business plan issues that early stage startups need to know. These eight topics are structured as "fireside chats" by subject matter experts and are designed to reach a broad audience, create a community environment for entrepreneurs to meet each other and engage. July 27, 4-6 pm: Startup Finance and Accounting Accounting and finance principles for startups, from investor-facing future financial statements to startup accounting basics. Finance, tax and accounting consideration are explored as entrepreneurs make very personal decisions on venture structure and fundraising efforts. Presented by a panel of entrepreneurs and financial/accounting experts, including Eric Benson, John Slump and others. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/propel-ewc-summer-startup-series-startup-finance-and-accounting-tickets-16660593283 Other events in this Series: June 8, 4-6 pm: Forming a Company Legal experts present the various legal structures and introduce topics such as shareholder agreements, board of director structure and compensation. Presented by Perkins Coie. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/propel-ewc-summer-startup-series-forming-a-company-tickets-16564940182 June 22, 4-6 pm: Funding Basics From friends, family and fools to the ultimate IPO. Panelists discuss the risk-reward profile of different funding sources to help entrepreneurs understand the appropriate forms and sources of funding at different stages of development. Presented by a panel, including Kapila Viges of EnterpriseWorks Chicago, Barbara Goodman of PROPEL / iBIO Institute and Susan Tomilo of Sikich Investment Banking. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/propel-ewc-summer-startup-series-funding-basics-tickets-16660450857 June 29, 4-6 pm: Intellectual Property Basics An overview of intellectual property, including patents, copyright, trademark, and additional intellectual assets. Designed to answer questions about how patents are applied for, issued, and managed. Additional discussion will be given to building an intellectual asset portfolio. Presented by Quarles & Brady and Wade Green of the Office of Technology Management at UIC. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/propel-ewc-summer-startup-series-intellectual-property-basics-tickets-16660557175 July 13, 4-6 pm: Demystifying Investors Attorneys and investors present an overview of what venture capital is, the motivations of venture investors, how capitalization impacts legal and finance structure of a company and how investor relationships drive strategy. Topics will include the basics of Capitalization Tables, Investor Requirements and Investor Relationships. Presented by a panel of financial and strategic investors, including Margarita Chavez of AbbVie Ventures, Konstantin Kostov, Bob Zieserl and Bruce Zivian of Perkins Coie. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/demystifying-investors-propel-ewc-anl-summer-startup-series-tickets-16756868244 August 10, 4-6 pm: Operating a Company Experts lead the conversation on a startups considerations related to liability, employment agreements, accounting, insurance and other related issues required to operate. Presented by representatives from Hub International, Perkins Coie and TriNet. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/operating-a-company-propel-ewc-anl-summer-startup-series-tickets-16757525209 August 17, 4-6 pm: Management Teams Who do you want on your team? Who should be driving? Topics include diversity and depth in expertise and skills needed to start and grow a high-tech venture. Various scenarios for leadership acquisition and transition are explored. Panelists will include successful entrepreneurs and seed-stage investor/Board members, including Tom Cox of McCarthy Duffy, Rob Metz of Horizon Pharma and Harry Rowland of Endotronix. To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/management-teams-propel-ewc-anl-summer-startup-series-tickets-16757564326 August (date TBD), 4-6 pm: Preparing the Pitch Networking with and pitching to investors. We'll start by discussing networking basics then practice the investor pitch. Entrepreneurs often recognize that the best mechanism for attracting both talent and capital is networking, not working in isolation. Topics include how to meet, talk, explore, engage as many people as you can. We'll then move to practicing the investor pitch, finding your voice and selling your story, the importance of the company's narrative and how best to pitch to different audiences whether they are investors, customers, employees or otherwise. Registration open soon. All workshops in this Startup Series are free, but advanced registration is required. For questions, contact PROPEL: PROPEL@ibioinstitute.org or EnterpriseWorks Chicago: ewchicago@uillinois.edu or Argonne National Laboratory (CJ Guron): cguron@anl.gov For more information Call 3124221111 Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/propel-ewc-summer-startup-series-startup-finance-and-accounting-tickets-16660593283 E-mail propel@ibioinstitute.org